Hands of everlasting Fraternity

Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students



The Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students (AMICOS) was formally constituted in 1990 when Late Rev. Dr. Thomas Kottarathil was the Principal. Since then the association has existed as an active fraternity and functioning for the progress of the College.

What AMICOS Represents?

AMICOS represents seven decades of excellence in almost all walks of life. It wouldn’t be surprising to say that almost every field of human activity, anywhere in the world would have at least one AMICOS member in it, more often than not, leading it. Thus this body of ALUMNI could well be a cross section of excellence in every avenue of human endeavour.

AMICOS is unique in that it carries forth not just excellence in the field of academics. The college instils in every student a spirit of excellence coupled with very deep values, exemplary behaviour, camaraderie’ and a ‘never say die’ attitude, to match. These matchless attributes in varying doses have put the AMICOS member is positions of power, influence, leadership and global recognition.

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