Beyond Just A Fraternity

Chief Patron

HB Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Catholicos

H.E. Samuel Mar Irenios 

The Spirit of Mar Ivasnious College is amply represented by AMICOS and its members. They are a source of pride for the college and the community. As a former Principal and a teacher to many of these brilliant people, I feel proud to be among them

Msgr Dr Mathew Manakarakkavil Corepiscopo

A former students and later on the principal of this college, my pride in Alma Mater and AMICOS is truly sky high. AMICOS will surely strive to keep up with the very high expectations, it has already raised.

Photo by Juidin Bernarrd

Former Presidents

Prof. T I Mathai

As a former President of AMICOS and a Teacher my life has revolved around Mar Ivanios College. The uniqueness and principle that I have imbibed as a student and imparted as a teacher have been the greatest treasures of my life.

Sri Neelalohithadasan Nadar, Ex Minister

I have held many positions of power and prestige. Yet the position of the President of AMICOS has given me the most satisfying moments.

Sri Palode Ravi, Fmr Deputy Speaker

AMICOS already has deep roots not only in Kerala but all around the world. The fraternity has members holding positions of great influence. It is the need of the hour to strengthen the bonds and to use this as a catalyst for social change. The Seventieth anniversary of our Alma Mater is a great opportunity to gather around and regroup.

Abey George, Gen Secretary, Swasthi Foundation

As the Seventietyh Anniversary of Mar Ivanios College draws closer, the excitement of meeting my fellow AMICOS members, sents a thrill up my spine. AMICOS has been and will always be a bondage of attachment and unity. Let the anniversary gathering bring us closer together .